Friday, 11 June 2010


Im very happy to announce my new website is now live!


The site functions as my blog, so rather tragicaly it meens that I shal no longer be using the Making Bovine Blog...

You'l need to go to my new site for all further Bovine news and developments..

See you on the other side.

Tara x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

UK Premier at the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival

We are excited to announce that Bovine has been accepted in Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival, the festival takes place in July and will be the National Premiere of the film.

After the months of hard work its fantastic to have our first festival acceptance, hopefully its a sign of more to come.

In addition I'm up for the Best Newcomer Award. So fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A sneaky peek at the final grade..

Its been a good few weeks of tweaking the sound design and colour grade. Making sure we have every loose end tied up, as after all id rather get the film I want than rush to completion. Heres a taste of the final grade, which was done at the Farm in Soho with a 2K scan from Deluxe Digital.

Now we are at the interesting stage in proceedings where we send away our little film to have a run of DVD's made. We are having a sizable batch made so that all the appropriate people receive a copy, in addition to being able to enter as many festivals as possible. So I look forwards to filling in form after form for festival entry, not to mention all the stamp licking.

Heres the DVD cover for your interest..

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Its been an incredible week at the Berlin Talent Campus, one of the highlights being a day at Das Work Studios working on the cut of the film with editor Katja Dringenberg. Katja was Bovine's assigned expert editor who spent time with us to analyze and improve the edit.

The help Katja gave was incredible, both on suggesting tweaks for the film and general advice and encouragement for myself as a Director.

We also had the fantastic opportunity to present the film at the festival, although presented as a working project, the film went down very well with some great feedback from the audience after the screening.

Interestingly there where a few elements that people responded too that pointed towards some interesting improvements to be made, one being moving some text info from the start of the film to the end. As the audience felt that it was not required in order to understand the story or its context. Its incredible for me to hear this kind of thing as it demonstrates how you rely don't need to spoon feed your audience information during a film.

As Stephen Frears said in his workshop on story telling 'If an artist draws a horse, he doesn't write HORSE underneath it.'

Over all it was an invaluable experience, the film being well received whilst finding improvements to continue the development of the edit. I have no doubt that the BTC has helped Bovine become a better film and me a better filmmaker.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Berlin Film Festival

Bovine has been invited to feature as part of the Berlin Film Festival, which is a great honour as the Berlinale is widely regarded as the worlds best film festival.

The screening will take place as part of a Berlin Talent Campus Q&A, which means I have to talk to the audience.. gulp.

We are very lucky to have this oportunity, the Berlin Film Festival is a fantastic place to present a film and im very excited about the prospect.

The screening and Q&A takes place on the 18th of February at 2pm. The idea is to look at a project in development, to discuss the process of editing, im hoping we will get some good feedback for potential alterations to the edit. For me its a very good opportunity to test the film in a critic rife environment.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Face of the film

With the final touches being made to the musical score and the credits being double checked and rechecked we are very close to the completion of Bovine.

With festival deadlines closing fast we thought we had better get moving with the poster and DVD cover design, just so we are prepared for when we finally get the first DVD's burnt and send them on their way to the festival world.

So without further ado heres the new posters for your viewing pleasure:

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Two Time Royal Television Society Award winner Aidan Farrell to grade Bovine

We have taken extra special care to ensure we have been working from a lossless workflow durring post for Bovine (meaning no quality is dropped in moving from each stage of post production) In making sure we get the best result from our 35mm neg we will have had the aid of Deluxe Digital, who will be scanning our film, and the Farm Group in Soho, who will be conforming the scanned material and grading the movie.

For me this stage is essential and one of the deciding factors as to wether a film looks profesional or even reaches the hight of your original vision for the image. It dosnt matter if you have a great image to start with- if its not dealt with properly in post all that hard work counts for nothing.

So we are incredibly grateful to both Deluxe Digitial and the Farm Group.

In addition we have just found out that we will be working with multi award winning colourist Aidan Farrel, heres an excert from the Farms's website:

'Aiden was one of the founders of the Farm. He is one of the top colourists in the world and is much in demand for his distinctive grading style'

Needles to say that working with such a talented and experienced individual is going to make all the difference in creating the distinctive and textured feel i want for the film.